Friday, November 25, 2005

Getting Cut Hurts

The FCASD Varsity Team, a squad I coached two years ago, cut eight girl swimmers this season. They were not allowed to be on the varsity swim team. That's sad.

The swimmers were good swimmers, so I hear. They would be great for nearly every other high school in the WPIAL. I'm going to guess that those eight swimmers who are cut from the Foxes might, if they had some good coaching throughout the season, be able to win the city-league title. If not first, they'd be able to finish in the top three.

When I was there, we worked very, very hard to not cut anyone.

I'd love to see more "JV Swimming Teams" in the area. That might need to get a few special rules by the PIAA and WPIAL so that the JV meets do NOT count as Varsity meets.

When I coached in Illinois at New Trier, the team had 100 girls on the HS Varsity Squad. One hundred. We took everyone onto the team. We had multiple practices. We didn't cut anyone. And, the team won its seventh straight state title too.

The streak was broken a couple of years after I departed. But it is safe to say New Trier is still a high school swimming powerhouse. I saw two high-school aged swimmers from New Trier at USA Swimming's National Championships in Clovis, Calif. this summer.

Speaking of New Trier... Al Ledgin, swim coach of the stars, coached in Champaign / Urbana when I was in Peoria. Later he coached at New Trier Swim Club. Last I knew, Al had moved to Michigan.

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