Thursday, November 10, 2005

Chicago --- it is nice to be back.

Chicago, here we come!

My wife and I are in Chicago. We are celebrating our anniversary. We flew from Pittsburgh tp O'Hare with first class seats. That was a suprise for me and my kids kept the secret. They wanted to come instead of us because of that upgrade (frequent flyer miles).

Catherine is a visiting scholar at Northwestern University. She meets with faculty today. Tonight we'll all socialize. On Friday she presents to students most of the day.

I'm blogging from the computer area of the massive, beautiful Chicago Public Library. I had a morning business meeting with Mitch at Triumph Books. More on that later.

Last night's meeting with friends has uncovered another interesting blog story to -- and you'll have to wait on that too. Just no time now. Our friends, Mead and Gail, have this company and they were on the phone to The White House while we were there. They are getting set for the China trip, and I'll keep you in suspense....

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