Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Penny-ante disagreement may hold up budget

Let's pick fights on the penny-ante parts of the budget. This isn't what Pittsburgh really needs. Then call names.
Penny-ante disagreement may hold up budget Tom Murphy deferred to the authority on other disputed budgetary issues. The authority wants 'to be the small dictators of this kingdom,' he said."
This is a weird set of names to call as well. He mixes a "kingdom" mention with a "dictator" mention. I wonder who is going to own up to the facts that, we the people, want a democracy.
The "overlords" (my frequently used term) are hardly "dictators." But, in a one-party town, the mayor used to act as if he was a "dictator." And, that's what got him in trouble. So the state sent in the overlords to curb the dictator. Who has the uppper hand --- well --- I'm sure the advantage isn't with the people.

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