Tuesday, November 15, 2005

PA VERIFIED VOTING -- looks like optical scanning is best short term solution.

PA VERIFIED VOTING HOME PAGE What are Voter-Verified Paper Ballots (V-VPBs)?
Voter-verified paper ballots safeguard the integrity of elections. V-VPBs prevent inaccuracies and covert computer fraud while providing the secure basis for audits and recounts. Voters inspect and verify that the ballot accurately reflects their intention to vote, this is called 'verification'. Voters then place the paper ballots in the ballot box for counting. Audits of V-VPBs provide the best measure of accuracy for electronic voting in elections. In America, voting always occurs in privacy to prevent the historical problems of coercion and bribery in elections. Because we vote in the privacy of the voting booth, only the voter can verify that the official ballot is accurate. Because inaccuracies due to error or fraud in computer voting are covert, voter-verification of a permanent publicly observable official record (the paper ballot) is the essence of the intended safeguard of V-VPBs.
Long term, the real solution is an OPEN SOURCE Software Solution.

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