Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Mayor Murphy: 'Best Job In America' -- hardly. I've got a job that is much, much better.

I've got two jobs that are better than his. And, I ran for his job, no less. I ran for mayor. I wanted to end Mayor Mruphy's tenure at two terms. We needed a new mayor more than I needed to be the mayor. But, it is safe to say I pondered the job and the duties of the job and the office.

I'm a swim coach. That job is way better than being mayor. And, the clincher job -- being a stay at home dad. That job is a million times better than being mayor. The best job in America is true if you over look the two jobs I have.

But, I do think being mayor is better than being a volunteer blogger.
KDKA: "Mayor Murphy: 'Best Job In America'

(KDKA) PITTSBURGH Tom Murphy welcomed us into an office that�s seen a lot of history. Now years of memories are being sorted and boxed for the archives.

"It's a remarkable story of how it evolved from just trying to save the Pirates to building a ballpark to building everything that we did," Murphy said.

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