Friday, November 25, 2005

This image is the one that should have gone out on campaign materials -- from Weinroth.

Training wheels....

This is what Joe Weinroth needed to explain in his campaign for mayor.

The mayor of Pittsburgh is like the big wheel in the middle. The training wheels, to both the left and right, represent the overloards. We've got the Act 47 Coordinators on one side and the ICA (Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority) on the other side. Our mayor, at this time, can't tip the city and fall, thanks for these training wheels. But, you don't want training wheels when you have drivers (leaders) who are decent. The training wheels can save you from yourself if you have not mastered the act of balance.

I tried to explain this to concept to Joe Weinroth too. I even challenged him to a set of debates that should have been slated for July and August. He didn't reply. He didn't engage.

Pittsburgh has "training wheels" now. Pittsburgh does not need "kick stands."

We have to keep moving.

Bob O'Connor is going to be like that back wheel, between oversight boards for the duration of his first term, like it or not. Bob can be the 'driver' with that back wheel giving motion to the city. Of course, training wheels are poorly suited as sources of new momentum. There is only an energy drag with training wheels, never more acceleration from them, as we've seen.

Now, the next mighty question for the next weeks to come -- who gets to represent the front wheel? Sure there will be city managers, a new police chief and some professionalized czar or something, hired into the new Grant Street Administration. And, sure there might be queens and dukes appointed to new authority board roles. But, who and what is going to shape the real direciton of the city?

The front wheel of the bike is where the directions are established. We need smart, clever, creative drivers with excellent perspectives to navigate the city for the next term.

This is where I enter the 'story.'

City council needs to steer itself into relevance. That body has been marginalized by its own actions in the past.

We need to mount up and help to steer the city to that 'right track' and into a realm where prosperity can be an option again.

I want to be elected to city council so as to play a significant role in guiding the city and steering the agenda.
Mount up.
Bob can pedal. Oversight boards (overlords) can balance. I'll help in gripping the issues. We've got a basket of issues to resolve.


Anonymous said...

Love ya Mark, but there was no reason why Weinroth should have ever debated with you this election cycle. Four years ago, perhaps, but not in 2005. That's when you were a Mayoral candidate.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Joe needed to spar. He needed to sharpen his message. He needed early audiences. He needed a lot of momentum too. The time for us to lock horns would have been in July and August -- to put wind in his sails when others were sleeping. He would have been planting seeds for later use. Even, preaching to the choir works as a concept here.

Weinroth and the opposition needed a break out -- bold -- exceptional approach.

Weinroth should have debated anyone and everyone ... taking no prisoners.

He didn't. He was out of the news and he needed to make the news.

Conventional wisdom says don't debate a candidate who ran for the same office four years ago -- for practice -- because that's why. Conventional wisdom. But, we needed and JOE needed to be unconventional from time to time to build relationships. He needed to master the content.

AFTER he won the GOP endorsement without any opposition, he went on the airwaves to say now, next, he'd be working with other experts to build a platform. That was late. But, if it was built, it needed to be tested in front of friendly, creative types.

Think again.

Mark Rauterkus said...

BTW, FWIW, thanks for the lovin!