Friday, November 18, 2005

Getting into the ear of the leader of the free world -- while in China

President Bush is in China.
Fear not, I'll spare you from photos of our three recent trips to China and instead share this scoop.
This image is a recent photo of the leader of the free world while in China. President Bush is inserting a hearing plug into his ear used for translation purposes. The hearing device was made by a company in Chicago -- while we were there last week visiting.

He uses an Etymotic earphone. President Bush got turned onto Etymotic's products for use with his iPod. At the lab they sent along three sets and moved the volume control to a lower on the chord for easier adjustments without being as noticed. He'll need ot listen to the transaltors with foreign leaders.

Communication is critical! Often communication elements become very technical. And, for communication efforts to play to the widest audiences, it has be of the highest quality.

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