Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Questioning our pay-jackers - - Letter to editor

Questioning our pay-jackers - Questioning our pay-jackers

For those who are temporarily outraged at our state legislators for increasing their salaries, here are some facts for your consideration that should, if you give it some thought, cause you to question some basic assumptions about state government:

The New Hampshire Legislature is the only one in the U.S. larger than Pennsylvania's, with 400 representatives and 24 senators. However, the representatives and senators receive only $200 per year plus mileage reimbursement. There are no career politicians in New Hampshire.

The Georgia Legislature, the oldest in the United States, convenes on the second Monday in January and runs for 40 businesses days, adjourning in mid- to late March. These are not full-time jobs.

Please think about it. Then register and vote Libertarian. It's a matter of who owns your body and who spends your money.
Nick Kyriazi, Deutchtown

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