Tuesday, November 22, 2005

independent solutions -- new political blog from Steve Karas, D candidate

These are Steve's words, independent solutions I believe government can be a positive and unifying force in the lives of people.

Good luck. Idealist are fun. But, I'd say something else.

I think government has been a negative and dividing force in the lives of people of Pittsburgh. Government could be turned into a positive force, rather than negative, if we NUKE much of it, including the greed. But, to NUKE big chunks and attitudes in our public realm isn't going to happen with one trigger point.

I think the best way to get to a place where the people obtain their wishes -- "wish to live" -- is for self-reliant people to be self-reliant. Hence, government needs to get out of the way. That's the right track, in the real world of Pittsburgh today.

What happens when we don't have "educated constituents" -- nor "educated politicians?"

We need to be concerned with our schools. We need to make sure those we elect have the capacity to make intelligent decisions.

Good to see the blog. Let's talk....

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Mark. I think it CAN and SHOULD be a positive force. Of course its not doing that in this region. Thats why people who are involved and have positive ideas--whatever their party--should get seriou and run.
Steve Karas