Saturday, November 12, 2005

Pay raise opponents take aim at lawmakers -- Russ Diamond due to visit South Side on Monday at 7 pm meeting

Hope to see some running mates on the South Side at 7 pm on Monday. we are running -- but not running away from the voters. I'm running to the voters. I am running with the voters. The meeting is being held at the Brashier Assn. community room on Sarah Street, around 21st, just one block off of East Carson Street. It is behind the South Side Steaks (SSS) and next to Phillips Elem. School.
The Herald Standard - Archives - 11/10/2005 - Pay raise opponents take aim at lawmakers 'Lawmakers should run, they should run fast and not look back,' said Russ Diamond, chairman of the citizen activist group PACleanSweep. 'They should realize that things have changed in Pennsylvania.'

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