Monday, November 14, 2005

Great moment: with humor: Wife of state rep takes exception to the clean sweep philosophy

A wonderful presentation unfolded on the South Side tonight as Russ Diamond, founder and leader of Operation Clean Sweep,, talked for more than 90 minutes to the South Side Forum. A group of nearly 30 people, from all parts of the county, got the "sermon" and were treated to a wonderful community moment.

A short series of questions came from Mrs. Readshaw, wife of current PA State Rep, Harry Readshaw, D. Readshaw is a popular guy in these part. I know I would not run against him. But, I do understand the logic and philosophy behind the 'clean sweep' efforts for reform in Pennsylvania.

Sadly, Mrs. Readshaw doesn't.

A very pleasant exchange was in clear view for all to see. I've got it on tape, I think. So, I'll save you all from the details. Plus, it's too late to rehash.

Safe to say -- it was worth a good chuckle and a timeless moment, worth the price of admission.

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