Saturday, November 12, 2005

New Biz Cards are here.
The next version of the CDs are getting into the pipeline. If you have any Christmas tunes that could be included on our CD, please call.


Michael P. O'Connor said...

Good luck on the run. May I ask what is the first issue you belive that you as a City Council will look at and go after? Also what district will you be running for? aka, who are the people that should care the most living?

Mark Rauterkus said...

I'll reply soon. History says, #1 for me has been recreation. The city closed many swim pools and recreation centers, etc. And, there isn't anyone on council who can deal with the macro and micro issues that swirl around Citiparks. So, that will be a huge strength of mine in seeking this elected position. But, I dare say, I'm going to talk more about "streets" -- basic government duties of sidewalks, roads, being safe as you walk, bikes, city life, urban flow, and curbs with curb cuts. Last night: Knife on 15th sends two to hospital. Next, D.Q. gets a broken window and break-in with three climbing in the window. Being safe and secure on the streets is very important to a city.