Monday, November 14, 2005

eWell Being Awards 2005

The Pittsburgh version of this award could be given at the annual Youth Technology Summit -- a vision of mine.
eWell Being Awards 2005 SustainIT's eWell-Being Awards are the UK's only national Awards that identify and promote social, economic and environmental benefits of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).


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About the Awards

SustainIT's eWell-Being Awards are the UK's only national Awards that identify and promote social, economic and environmental benefits of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

Now in its fourth year, the Awards aim to:

* Showcase best practice to stimulate the application of technology for social and environmental benefits
* Examine and promote emerging technologies, where they have the potential to provide environmental and social benefits
* Raise awareness of the benefitcal and inspirational uses of ICT.


* Digital Inclusion - Sponsored by BT

* Age and Disability - Sponsored by BT

* Improving Public Services - Sponsored by IDeA

* Better Ways of Working - Sponsored by Brother

* Climate Change and Environmental Efficiency - Sponsored by UK CEED

Closing Date - Friday 2 December 2005.

Why Enter?

"The Awards night was supurb, our sincere thanks to all of your team that were involved in making it such a great success. The additional publicity thta the Awards generated for us was fantastic and we received a sharp increase in new customer enquiries. According to our sales team, the week after the Awards' ceremony was a record week for us."
Richard Swinscoe, Klicka Courier

Click here to see the benefits previous winners have received over the past four years of the Awards.

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SustainIT’s eWell-Being Awards are the UK’s only national awards to recognise organisations that use ICT to deliver environmental and/or social benefits. The 2005 Awards are supported by BT with individual category sponsorship from IDeA, Brother and UK CEED. For 2005, The Independent is the national media partner.

Application Process

Any organisation involved in an ICT project which delivers tangible and positive environmental, social or economic impacts may apply by completing and submitting the entry form on the website.

Application Rules
All projects must have been running for at least 6 months. Newer projects are recommended to apply next year
Entry forms must be completed as fully as possible and have clearly identifiable results

Applicants should select the preferred category

The judges reserve the right to judge the entry in a category other than the preferred category

Unless otherwise stated categories are open to any type of organisation from the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Awards Categories

Digital Inclusion

Supported by BT this category seeks voluntary sector* projects that use ICT to enhance access to services and opportunities for individuals and groups. Examples may include projects that aim to reduce social exclusion, increase social interaction and improve access to jobs, education, entertainment, shopping, cultural and leisure interests.

*This category is only open to public sector or private organisations if they are working in collaboration with one or more voluntary sector groups.

Age and Disability

Supported by BT, this category focuses on ICT projects which enhance access and services for elderly and disabled people.

Improving Public Services

Open to national, regional and local government, this category, sponsored by IDeA, seeks entries that utilise ICT to deliver improvements in customer services and public service delivery.

Climate Change and Environmental Efficiency

Sponsored by UK CEED, this category is for projects which make use of ICT to reduce energy, water and resource use. It is also open to projects which increase our understanding of the impacts or science of climate change.

Better ways of working

Sponsored by Brother, this category seeks ICT projects or applications which encourage more efficient and flexible ways of working. It covers mainstream business areas which may not have been driven by environmental or social considerations, but nonetheless create them. Examples include teleworking schemes and software applications to optimise the efficiency of business processes.

Judging Criteria

Use of ICT: The Project must have used information and/or communication technologies to help deliver the objectives of the project.

Addressing an environmental, economic or social issue: The project will have been undertaken to improve the environmental, economic or social quality of life of the target group.

Results: The project should be making significant progress in achieving its aims. The results should be demonstrable and also sustainable, i.e. likely to continue beyond the life of the particular project.
Inspiration Factor The organisations involved will have shown initiative in addressing the relevant issue. This does not necessarily mean the use of the latest technology. Also, smaller projects are given equal consideration to larger projects. Above all, the judges are looking for projects that will inspire others to use ICT for social and environmental benefit, whatever the technology used and irrespective of project scale.
Potential for Replication: The project should be of a design, which will enable it to be replicated so that it can contribute to the achievement of environmental and social well-being in other parts of the UK and overseas.

Judges’ Decisions
Entries will not be considered for judging if they do not meet the basic criteria as set out above.

The judges’ decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into with organisations whose nominations for the Awards are unsuccessful.