Monday, November 14, 2005

Valerie is ready to play in the major leagues

Look who is ready for the big-leagues. Valerie, daughter of a big-time Democratic-party leader, former school board member (PPS is being reinvented), former city council member (with $0 as a capital budget and two oversight boards), and present Allegheny County row-office holder (with the Recorder of Deed's office slated for closure due to Row Office Reform vote).

But, Valerie will be up against Catherine Baker Knoll.

I do like the notion of calling to the ghosts of the past -- as in 1933 -- when the Grays were hot.

See her campaign lift-off speech in the comment section.

She really didn't have a decent reply on the election night coverage on PCNC TV. She was on with Bill Green, James Roddey and a TV host. They all jumped her about her defense that the Pittsburgh financial crisis can't be pinned upon the Democratic party.

This is the same party that had a lock on Grant Street since 1933. "Oh, but they are not the only ones to blame."

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Anonymous said...

Valerie McDonald Roberts announcement speech

November 14, 2005

[Valerie McDonald Roberts announcement speech at Homestead Grays Historical Marker, Homestead, PA delivered at 8:00am]

Good morning and thank you for joining us so early on this crisp fall day.

Earlier this year I was approached by a group of political activists in Pittsburgh about the opportunity to run for a statewide office, specifically, Lieutenant Governor.

At first I was skeptical. No African American in the history of Pennsylvania has ever been elected to a statewide executive office, we haven’t even had one make it out of a primary.

Honored by the confidence this early group of supporters invested in me, I decided the idea merited further exploration.

For the past several months I have been traveling and talking with voters, political leaders and community activists throughout Pennsylvania and have been encouraged and emboldened by what I have learned.

I have listened and I am confident the people of this commonwealth are ready to elect a qualified minority candidate to statewide office. The people have convinced me Pennsylvania voters will take the measure of a candidate on matters of substance not matters of race, gender or other irrelevant physical attributes.

What I have found to be the most important attributes looked for in a candidate by the electors of our state is the content of one’s character, the breadth on one’s experience and the power of one’s ideas.

In my travels and talks some have warned me about the perils of challenging an incumbent. I have listened and what I have learned is the voters know that public offices belong to the people, not the elected officials who temporarily occupy them. There is no divine right to an elected position. The people hire us one term at a time. And, when a term expires, the job is once again up for hire. In 2006 the voters will be taking applications and all have a right to apply.

Others have asked why Lieutenant Governor?

I see an unrealized potential in the Office of Lieutenant Governor. It can and should be more than the Governor in waiting or the Convener of the State Senate. I believe, and have demonstrated throughout my career, that elected officials have an obligation to lead beyond the scope the charters of their offices define for them.

The access and possibilities the office provides gives its occupant an ideal opportunity to champion the issues and causes that affect the lives of every day people. The Lieutenant Governor’s office is only few short steps from the Governor’s portal. Every time the Senate convenes the Lt. Governor controls the podium and a microphone that reaches into the homes and workplaces of all Pennsylvanians.

Some of you this morning are probably asking why we are here in Homestead, Pennsylvania discussing politics. I chose this honored spot at the foot of the Homestead Grays Memorial Bridge because I believe the history of the Grays is truly relevant to the undertaking I face.

Here in Homestead in the early 1900’s, African American mill workers assembled a baseball team that would, in time, go on to be recognized as one of the greatest baseball teams ever to take the field, black or white.

Negro League Hall of Famers Josh Gibson, Buck Leonard, Smokey Joe Williams and Jamie “Cool Papa” Bell became sport legends larger than life and were revered and respected by their fans and many of their white baseball contemporaries.

Unfortunately, as unarguably great as they were, the Grays never got to play an official game in the Major Leagues of Baseball.

Similar to the legacy of the Homestead Grays, the Philadelphia Stars, the Pittsburgh Crawfords, the Harrisburg Giants and other Negro League teams, competent, qualified African Americans and other minorities have been shutout of the big leagues of Pennsylvania state politics.

It’s time for change.

I am Valerie McDonald Roberts and I am ready to play in the Major Leagues of Pennsylvania Politics.

I am proud and honored to offer my candidacy for Lt. Governor to the people of Pennsylvania.

Thank you, God Bless and may I entertain your questions?

Paid for by Valerie For PA, Jessica McDonald, Treasurer