Friday, November 18, 2005

Oppose the "Crescent of Embrace" Proposal for the Flight 93 Memorial Petition

Oppose the "Crescent of Embrace" Proposal for the Flight 93 Memorial Petition The US Park Service is currently going forward with a proposed monument for the Flight 93 Memorial that is called the 'Crescent of Embrace' which is a large crescent of red maple trees that closely resembles the Islamic Red Crescent that is the very symbol of the radical Islamics who attempted to hijack the aircraft.
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Anonymous said...

Hi All, I have signed this (can view signatures) & hope you will read this over & consider doing the same..Pass it on.

Did you know that the proposed design for the Flight 93 National Memorial contains a 'Crescent of Embrace' of red maples surrounding the crash site of the plane in which the 40 heroic passengers fought the terrorists on 9-11-01?

When the design was announced on 9-07-05, an uproar was created over the use of 'the crescent', an Islamic symbol. As a result, the designer made vague comments about changing the name of the design but not its intent. Since that time, nothing has happened and it looks like they are proceeding because the name and description of the 'Crescent of Embrace' are still on their official website here:

Therefore a Petition has been created to give Americans an opportunity to voice their opposition to the 'Crescent of Embrace' which is the equivalent of using a swastika shape in a memorial for Holocaust victims.

This must not occur...the very idea of each fall, around September 11th, during the fall of the year, for a red crescent to appear in the Pennsylvania countryside surrounding the Flight 93 crash site is an abomination and a very powerful (and for free people of the world, a very negative) symbolic representation that will encourage and embolden our enemies and shame us all.

Please sign this Petition to the US Park Service and the US Congress:

Oppose the "Crescent of Embrace " Proposal for the Flight 93 Memorial

After you sign, please email all your email lists to go here to sign:

We need your help so that more Americans will be aware of the proposed design and have the opportunity to sign the Petition. Thank you for helping to spread the word.

Please 'copy & paste' this information and send to your email lists......asking them to do the same & pass it on. If everyone spreads the word; we will have the thousands of signatures we need to convince the National Park Service to change the proposed design.

A Petition to Oppose the "Crescent of Embrace " Proposal for the Flight 93 Memorial

Again here's where you go here to sign: