Thursday, November 24, 2005

Mayor O'Connor has his work cut out for him

Mayor O'Connor has his work cut out for him - 2005-11-14... O'Connor said his No. 1 priority was attacking the city's financial problems. Without detailing exactly what he would do, O'Connor says the city has been mismanaged and that he will hire professionals to clean up the mess.
Gov. Rendell, already saw to it that Pittsburgh hired some professionals to give financial oversight to the city's budget. We have two oversight boards. They are 'hired.'

We don't need "hired guns" -- we need "elected leadership."

Bob should hire professional managers. He is going to need them. The city needs to get on the right track. The city is a mess. The mayor can turn to plenty of sources for advice, consultants and bond agents in getting new lines of credit.

We also need to make sure great, new, creative perspectives are part of Grant Street and city council in the years to come. Hence, this is why I want to be elected to city council in 2006.

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