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[412] News Release: Key Campaign Staff for Mark Rauterkus for City Council

[412] News Release: Key Campaign Staff for Mark Rauterkus for City Council [412] News Release: Key Campaign Staff for Mark Rauterkus for City Council

News Release: Immediate

Michael Cooper, Campiagn Treasurer, Announces Staffers for Mark at Campaign for City Council

Michael Cooper, HQ = 412 904 2976, Treasurer at

Daniel Repovz, graduate student at Duquesne University, has joined the reform-minded team at to drive Mark Rauterkus' election bid onto Pittsburgh's City Council. Repovz' title is Media Coordinator. The special election is slated for the first Tuesday in March, 2006.

In May 2005, Repovz was on the ballot for Mayor of Pittsburgh in the Democratic Primary.

Repovz earned an undergraduate degree at the University of Pittsburgh in Finance. This semester at Duquesne brings Repovz's final course before he obtains a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

Rauterkus and Repovz were both on the campaign trails in 2005. While Repovz was debating Bob O'Connor, Bill Peduoto, and Michael Lamb for the Democratic endorsement for mayor, Rauterkus was seeking a State Senate seat in a campaign against Wayne Fontana, D, and Michael Diven, R.

"We saw each other many times at various community forums. I was flattered to hear from Daniel that he was greatly impressed with the way we ran our campaign for State Senate, especially with the negativity and gross expenditures from the competitors. The messages and the mission must have resonated with Daniel, thankfully," said Rauterkus.

Repovz said, "I want to be part of the driving force in a team Rauterkus victory. Mark's financial reforms and parks initiatives will win with voters and future generations of all ages: children, parents, students and seniors. These are vital quality of life issues that are very important to Pittsburgh's future as well as the region around Pittsburgh."

In the day-to-day operations of the campaign, Repovz will issue press releases and field analysis to reform Pittsburgh's financial position.

"With the advance leadership ability of Daniel and others, we will be able to offer solutions for the short-term and long-term," said Rauterkus.

Vicki Duesch, a parent and long-time South Side resident and homeowner, has been named the campaign manager for the campaign.

"Vicki brings heart and soul to the campaign. Vicki and her son bike daily on the paths around the South Side and continually access recreation resources in the third district," said Rauterkus. "Vicki is a wonderful example of a citizen leader in action. Her grassroots leadership will make a difference in Pittsburgh and our region."


Additional contacts and resources:

+ Daniel Repovz, HQ = 412 904 2976, Media at
+ Vicki Dusch, HQ = 412 904 2976, Manager at
+ Mark Rautekus, candidate for Pittsburgh City Council, cell = 412 298 3432, Mark at
+ Logo:
+ Photo of Mark Rauterkus,

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