Monday, January 09, 2006

Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board

These odds are not so bad. There are 25 applications and 14 winners.
Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board HARRISBURG: The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board today announced that it has received 25 application submissions for licenses to operate gaming facilities in the Commonwealth.

“This is an historic day for gaming in Pennsylvania,” said Chairman Tad Decker. “My fellow Board members and I look forward to the complex and important work that lies ahead in awarding licenses for Pennsylvania’s 14 gaming facilities.
The biggest objection I've had from the get-go on this gambling deal is that the licenses are sold once and they never terminate. The rights come at a price, $50-million. But, there is no renewal.

If I was a legislature, and I called them all as this was hatching, I would have been certain to terminate the licenses at a future date. Have some of them expire in 15 years, some in 20. Stagger their end date.

Nothing is sold "FOREVER." You don't get a license to practice your profession from the state (for example a medical doctor) and have the license last until you die. Things need to have some type of renewal. Even a drivers license is not forever. But these gambling licenses are.

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