Friday, January 06, 2006

Christmas Letter and CD hits homes around America

The Christmas letter was a bit harder to get out the door this year. It came with a CD that plays in both the computer (data) and a boom box (audio). But, it has been mailed and I got two early replies so far via email. See the comments.

At least the CDs arrived before the Wise Men!

Tip: If your computer is set up to play audio CDs automatically upon the entry of the CD in the drive -- you'll need to sidestep this act to see the photos and other data goodies. Right click with your mouse button on the CD image and then it opens on the desktop.
Is that right?

International friends ... sorry. I tossed the CDs into the mail without putting extra postage on the CDs to you all. We'll send them out on Monday.


Mark Rauterkus said...

Aunt Debbie wrote:

Amazing!  I'm blown away! I popped the CD in and I feel like I've had a nice visit with you & the family for the last hour or so!  Great photos!  Interesting songs and your commentary!

Your campaign made me think of the attached photo and caption...only the caption would be changed to "When you're in deep trouble, dare to speak up and be proud to stand out!"  Good luck!  Love, Aunt Debbi

Mark Rauterkus said...

Got your CD -- you're podcasting already!


Hi there. We got your CD and newsletter today. You should chop the CD into tracks and put them on your web-site. You can post them as
pod-casts and you'd be doing the new "in" thing! All you need to add is
the rss feed info and you're on your way to the next revolution on the
Internet. This can become your new bully pulpit!

Thanks a bunch and good luck with your campaign!

E & L