Friday, January 06, 2006

O'Connor touts old West End police station

This is a promise that Bob O'Connor made and the folks in the west neighborhoods are going to make him stick to his word.
O'Connor touts old West End police station: "New Pittsburgh Mayor Bob O'Connor toured a former West End police station yesterday, saying he wants to increase law enforcement's presence in a part of the city that has complained about being under-served.

Mr. O'Connor said any decision would be made as part of an evaluation of 351 city-owned facilities that will determine which should be kept, merged or sold.

'This we're looking at for mainly public safety,' he said of the station, as he stood in a narrow hallway between lockers and a weight room. 'The people in the West End deserve a better police presence.'"

Bob's promise is on the line. There are a number of folks who are going to hold his feet to the fire about the re-opening of the station.

On the QED show last night, Roddey, Mystic and Moore were talking about O'Connor. All predicted that the O'Connor honeymoon might be very short. That will be the story of the month, so they pondered on the show.

To go empty on the promise on the police station for the folks in the west is going to be ugly for Bob.

I felt that the Bob O'Connor might have been behind the statement last month from the ex-Chief of Police. He said he wanted to move the station out of the South Side to Rt. 51. O'Connor didn't have any comment at the time.

That is a typical ploy. Make the scapegoat be the outgoing guy. He'd be the fall guy.

I propose that we do move the Zone 3 Police Station from its current home on 18th Street. I think it should be located at South Vo Tech High School. South should stay an important vital building for public use.

There is parking at South, more so than at the present location.

There is room at South. We own the building at South.

With the Police move there, they'd be closer to Rt. 51, the west (by a bit) and even downtown.

EMS could move back into the space in the other building on 18th.

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Anonymous said...

The police zone should have never moved in the first place. Ask the guys on duty and they all will agree.

Parking is 10x better in the West End and the building was in better shape. Now the ZONE 4 building is in even better shape since it was rehabed.

Zone 4 will reopen in the West End. Watch.