Friday, March 31, 2006

Analysis: Charges of political favoritism come with territory on slots

Swann and Rendell might not have a dime's worth of difference between them on this issue.
Analysis: Charges of political favoritism come with territory on slots Some Democrats were amazed yesterday that Mr. Swann came out in favor of Isle of Capri's plan.

If Mr. Swann wins in November, he'll get to replace the three board members that Mr. Rendell appointed. Democrats ask how the new members could make a reasoned and fair decision when they know their boss -- Mr. Swann -- favors Isle of Capri.

Senate Democratic leader Robert Mellow claims the GOP candidate 'has destroyed his own credibility.'

Since slots were legalized in 2004, Mr. Mellow said, 'We have made every effort to keep the application process open and protect it from political opportunism. Then along comes Lynn Swann, willing to trash everything we worked so hard for.''

That's baloney, Mr. Swann said. 'The gambling commission needs to make a decision ... and this [Isle of Capri offer] is the best possible plan.' ...

Sky is the limit with the buzz on the new arena.

The Pitt News - EDITORIAL - Honest politics an unsafe bet With a new civic center and a veritable license to print money on the line, it's looking as though it's business as usual in Pittsburgh.

The finger-pointing, which was somehow mercifully absent to date on the matter of the Gaming Control Board's pending decision, teed off yesterday as accusations of political favoritism and position flew between Republican gubernatorial candidate Lynn Swann, Gov. Ed Rendell and former Mayor Tom Murphy.

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