Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Do Pittsburgh Schools Make The Grade?

Let's give credit where credit is due. The gains in school performance by the 5th graders of last year -- and recent prior years -- have NOTHING to with with Mark Roosevelt, the new guy who was just hired in the summer of 2006. Dr. John Thompson gets this credit. And, next year's test results are also a reflection of Dr. Thompson as well.

My son has been in three days of testing -- as I blog about this even. Next week there are three additional days of testing too. - Education - Do Pittsburgh Schools Make The Grade?: "On the Pennsylvania System of Student Assessments, Pittsburgh fifth graders considered proficient between 2001 and 2005 increased 19 percentage points.

Pennsylvania as a whole improved 16 points in the same time frame.

'Pittsburgh is a great story. They've been making some modest gains over the years but under the leadership of Mark Roosevelt, the new superintendent they're completely overhauling the instructional system,' said Michael Casserly, Council of the Great City Schools.
When a council spokesperson says something that is so silly -- funny thing -- I loose some faith in such an organization. "Modest gains." Okay. But now we're zooming ahead. The redemption of faith comes in knowing that the media can turn the story and the quotes to serve its agenda. So, the real story might not be there on that site or in that TV news report. So, I'll now go look for the report's details.

For example, he said what? - Education - PPS To Cut More Than 100 Jobs Roosevelt said, “The flattening of the central office very important part of the plan. That means there will not people working here, more people in schools directly impacts what students learn."

Who is making the grade -- or not?

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