Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The History Channel did a bit in South Side with these handsome kids --- of mine.

Grant giving a TV interview about historic places in our neighborhoods -- as filmed by The History Channel.

Erik giving an interview about historic buildings in our neighborhood to The History Channel.

Last year the boys and I were involved in a special event at the South Side Market House and The History Channel was there to film and get interviews. This year, a 3-minute promotional bit was done that talks about all sorts of HISTORY and has folks from all sorts of venues (nationally) is being produced that includes both Erik and Grant. I don't know much of the details and would LOVE to see, if not point, to the final product. So, help is welcomed.

The file that came to me is a WORD file and there seems to be video clips within the various pages -- but those clips didn't arrive and were not able to be played.

Today I took a mini-field trip with the 5th graders at Phillips Elem School and we walked around the South Side to examine various building styles with the good guidance of an architech, Dave. The kids learned about and sketched dentals, window heads, brackets, and various brick work designs from nearby buildings.

Looking down for arts patterns too.

Since I didn't bring my camera, but the kids did use cameras, here is some building design elements that we might see in a neighborhood elsewhere.

Ceiling of an airport.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Click on any image and get a larger version of the photo that shows more details.