Saturday, March 25, 2006

PCTV is streaming -- and feedback is welcomed

Hello Pittsburgh Community Television Producers, Friends and Supporters,

We need your Feedback.

PCTV has just added a video streaming component to our web-site so that PCTV programming can be watched on the internet globally. We need you just to take a little time out of your busy schedules to look at the site and let us know if you are able to see PCTV programming on your computers? Is the image clear? Is it difficult to access the live feed? Are their any other issues that we should know about to make this better. You will need Media Player software on your computer; I believe you can easily download it for free. Again, we are not asking for too much time but this will be a great help and your feedback will only strengthen our site.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing your comments.

Thomas Poole

The streaming works for me -- but it is really bad. I'm watching the slide show -- between a show -- and the frame for the media container (stream) is about half my screen size -- but the video within that frame is about 1/3 of that container's size. So, I only get a postage sized video of the station's video. I can't even tell what it is, visuall.

The audio is GREAT.

I've got a PC with Cable Modem and the PC had all the necessary plug ins already -- so it was a snap for me to get the stream started. Good job there.

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