Friday, March 31, 2006

Langley Mustangs Boys sports -- humm -- and teachers contract too

Mustang close up.

Ups and Downs of High School Sports come into focus with these shocking stories from the same school, Langley. Look at the hoops story:
Langley Mustangs Boys Basketball schedule & game results -
Fri., Feb. 10 at Schenley L 77 - 25
Tue., Feb. 14 Brashear L 68 - 35
Thu., Feb. 16 at Allderdice L 73 - 34
City League - Quarterfinals
Mon., Feb. 20 at Schenley L 93 - 28
In the last four games of the year, Langley averaged 30 points. The other teams' average was 78.

Then in wrestling, the results have shifted.
PG WEST: Coach prompts Langley wrestling success: "White took over at Langley three years ago and within two years he turned the Mustangs from doormat to top contender. That contender status went full bloom when Langley won the City League team tournament championship last week, routing top seed Perry, 57-23, in the dual finals.

Langley had never been a factor in City League wrestling prior to White's arrival.
Such a swing says a number of things. First, going from last to first in the city league is quite a deal. Well done. But, playing leapfrog isn't that hard to do, it seems.

We need to get better coaches at more programs throughout the city. I think that this can happen with two major pushes. First, we should take apart the city league and have the city schools compete with the WPIAL schools on a day-in and day-out basis.

Next, we need to look at the teachers contract as it deals with coaching. The teachers contract is hot news today as they voted it down yesterday. I don't know why or what is in the contract in terms of coaching. I need to find out.

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