Friday, March 24, 2006

Ben and John gave Pittsburgh some big plugs on National TV between the games tonight

The Men's NCAA basketball coaches -- each with a Pittsburgh connection -- (Ben H and John C) face off in the elite 8 game on Saturday night as UCLA and Memphis clash. They were interviewed between the games and tossed out a few mentions of Pittsburgh.

I wanted to call up Bob O'Connor and see if he could fly out to the game so he could get some tv time too. Heck, the rest of the nation is everywhere but here -- and Bob might be able to get some others to think about moving back.

Meanwhile, in Oakland, the Women's hoop team at Pitt is glowing in a NIT game -- held at The Fitz -- NOT The Pete. The Pitt News gave some high praise for the venue now mostly in mothballs. A wrestling event is in the big, new arena and the women's games are in the old hangar building -- that is much more intimate.

This is FANTASTIC in that Pitt didn't tear down The Fitz Field House after it built the new Event Center. Pitt has some flexibility now. Pitt had a net gain with its indoor sports venues.

This example is a perfect match as to why the city needs to keep the Civic Arena -- AFTER the building of a new hockey arena. To really have a net gain -- we need both, the old and the new. Don't churn and call that 'progress.' Don't tell me 1-1 = 2. Only 1+1=2.

How did the women's team do anyway?

And, if the Pitt Women do win, when and who will they play next? And, where? Do they keep those games in the Field House?

We could NOT attend either of the past games -- but will do our best to make the next one if it is in Pittsburgh. Especially if it is in The Field House.

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Anonymous said...

Pitt women win, play at Marquette next.