Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Getting submarined

Empty plate.

Often, a strong position to take on the campaign trails is the fact that the candidate is a "business person." For sure, that statement scores some points with some folks. But, I don't give it much value at first blush. There are many other follow-up questions that I want to know beyond the business person label. What kind of business was it? What ax is there now to grind? Was it a fast-food business -- woops. Sorry Bob. I might be walking on some holy ground with that question and associated judgements.

Eric H in the Trib talks about a state rep who is going overboard -- with over-reaching from the halls of government. We don't need to get in the way of business people and too often PA's elected leaders do the wrong things.
Hmmm ... lawmaker feeling not so toasty - Daley insisted his company's management was not responsible for its failing. He blamed Quiznos' rigid rules for contributing to the downfall not only of the Quiznos his company operated, but also of several others in Western Pennsylvania.

'One time, we ran out of (Quiznos) provolone cheese, so we went to Sam's Club and got some more,' he recalled.

'During our monthly inspection, Quiznos found we weren't using the right cheese and so they put us in default. You get just two defaults, they can shut you down.'

Curiously, most franchises appear to be able to avoid the second default. One of the quick-service restaurant industry's fastest-growing chains, Quiznos has more than 4,500 locations throughout the United States and 15 other countries.

Asked specifically what he wants authorities to investigate, Daley said he wants a probe of a corporate business model that 'really, in my mind, doesn't really work for a lot of franchises.'

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