Thursday, March 23, 2006

Day two of PA's pigeon season -- and out done again by New York City

Pitt's basketball coach is off to the "SHOW-ME State" for an interview.... oh no. There is another minor-market town message.

Pittsburgh is proving to be bush league again -- given our pigeon shooter next to the excitement in New York City with its wild game hunt.
A coyote's romp in Central Park ended yesterday with a tranquilizer dart and a nap, but only after a messy breakfast (hold the feathers), a dip in a chilly pond and a sprint past a skating rink-turned-movie set.

There was also a final chase that had all the elements of a Road Runner cartoon, with the added spectacle of television news helicopters hovering overhead, trailing the coyote and the out-of-breath posse of police officers, park officials and reporters trailing it.

The coyote's pursuers joked that it even tried to turn itself in. It was hunting for a place to sleep it off after being hit by a single tranquilizer dart, and that place was a Fire Department dispatching station next to the Central Park station house overlooking the 79th Street transverse.
Seems like a smart cayote -- to turn to a fire department station house for a place to slumber.

Source: NYT

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