Friday, March 31, 2006

Rolling Stone Silenced in China

Grant is standing on The Great Wall of China.
Rolling Stone Silenced in China - Los Angeles Times BEIJING — Rolling Stone has hit a wall.

The rock 'n' roll publication entered the Chinese market early this month with a huge splash, including billboard advertisements, a 125,000-copy roll-out and free Rolling Stone hats with each magazine. On Wednesday, regulators said they would not allow it to publish a second issue.
Gather no moss -- by keep rolling. Another instance for the publishing of photos from our recent trips to the third largest country (by land mass). Just click to see larger view of the image for extra details and insights.

US got the magazine, Rolling Stone. But in China, they've got some hot rod wheels that we can only dream of.

Urban density, gated community, tightness of the land's footprint, no wasted spaces, few needs for autos.

Splash of a state-sponsored stadium...

In China, they drop their bills at the foot of old statues. In US, the money goes to the Political Action Committees of stuck-in-the-mud politicians.

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