Monday, March 27, 2006

Jeff Koch takes his seat at the City Council Table and swears to uphold the Consitution!

Photos to come later.

Well, day one is coming to a close, and Jeff Koch, D, the city's newest member of city council, has done no harm! And, he served up some nice snacks and sandwiches too.

Jeff was a loyal opponent in the race and I'm not going to badger him too, too much. But, he needs to know that his honeymoon is over as he has won the seat for just a year and a month or so until the next election -- the D primary. There might be folks looking to bump him off then. He has to hit the ground running.

The talks that were given today were from Bob O'Connor and Jeff Koch. Bob's was much longer.

The new mayor said, This is a very, very good day for the city of Pittsburgh." He honored to be there. He's know Jeff for many years. Jeff will do a great job because he is a good father, husband, businessman, worker, has an excellent track record and cares about the City of Pittsburgh. Jeff cares about the people.

This can be one of the best city councils in history. They work together. They care about our community. That is what Jeff excels in.

There is a lot of exciting things happening in Pittsburgh. Yesterday was the kick off for Pittsburgh Roars.

"I saw families from all over western Pennsylvania there celebrating all the great things we have: parks, culture, universities, hospitals, rivers, community. That is what Jeff exlemplifies best. He represents Pittsburgh and all the good things about Pittsburgh.

Enjoy that first election as it never gets any better than that. There is nothing like your first day in office. Congrats!

Jeff's remarks went about 100 seconds.

Thank you all for your support. It will be a priveldge to serve. Then a phone rings the first time. The phone is being carried by one of the TV news camera men.

I'm looking forward to many challenges. I know I'll have to put in a lot of work to solve them, but I know we will get it done. Thanks...

Make our neighborhood safer... and then the phone rings again. Can you get that. Laughter.

I'm not a desk person. I'll be out and about. I want to make sure all your concerns are being taken care of. My committment is wide ranging and long term.

Then we had cookies!

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