Saturday, March 18, 2006

O'Connor, GOP meet -

Good job Bob. Keep it up. You should have invited some city Republicans to the meeting as well. What about the city's GOP chair? What about Bob's loyal opposition -- Joe Weinroth?
O'Connor, GOP meet - O'Connor is tending to Pittsburgh's ties to Harrisburg to draw a distinction between his administration and that of his predecessor Tom Murphy, who spurned such political overtures.

Republican Sens. Jane Claire Orie, of McCandless, and John Pippy, of Moon, and Reps. Michael Diven, of Brookline, Mark Mustio, of Moon, and Tom Stevenson, of Mt. Lebanon, met with O'Connor yesterday.
I wonder what was the dynamic of getting those folks together -- if there was any interesting rub, or not. I don't know. Makes me giggle a bit.

Shifting gears a bit, today I was driving and tuned into a KQV radio show, The Global Press Conference, and its sponsor, the World Affairs Council of Pgh. The guest talked about South Africa. Nelson Mandella was President for five years, and Mandella had the ability of making his worst enemy feel welcomed and included in the formation of the new government. Such a great statement and way to be. When a nation is just getting on its feet and into the realm of healing, that outreach is very important.

Perhaps Bob will be calling upon Greens and Libertarians to the office for lunch. Next Bob could host gang-bangers for mid-day tea. (I'm joking!)

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Weinroth would have no business there.