Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Signature challenges prompt Rep. Diven to withdraw from May primary

On face value, I think this means that Mike Diven is going to RETIRE from the State House. Or, he'll need to RETIRE from being a REPUBLICAN.

And, if he retires from the R party, what are the chances that he'll choose to be a LIBERTARIAN? Get that.... Jeepers. That would get folks heads to spin.
Signature challenges prompt Rep. Diven to withdraw from May primary P-G article says Diven out of race as an "R"
This is big news. Mr. Diven might be in the politically homeless category. And, it is accurate news as well in terms of Diven's perspectives.

However, I don't put much value in the fact that the Rs recuited Diven to their side for the special election.

For the record, when I was in a three way race in May, 2005 against both Diven and Fontana for the PA Senate Seat formerly held by Jack Wagner, Diven, the new R, out-spent me 500-to-one and out-voted me five-to-one.

Diven could turn to become and Indie -- and that would be interesting. He didn't vote for the pay raise and didn't take the pay raise, but that doesn't matter as he didn't speak up against the pay raise either.

I think it might be best for him to turn to the private sector for a while.

Furthermore, now I understand why Bob Hillen, R, city chairman, tossed his hat into the ring in as a state rep candidate with petitions that had but 301 signatures. The requirement was 300. That had been a puzzle of mine -- until now.

I sent Michael Diven an email a week ago.

Last year when Diven was a candidate for PA Senate, I thought it was a big mistake that he didn't really campaign on behalf of the other republicans in other races within his contested district. Sam B was running for City Council and another R was in the district that covered downtown and the North Side. Diven should have done more coordination with them, even with signs and door-knocking.
Politically homeless.
This year, Diven, as a state rep with an R by his name, could have been a big force on the campaign trails in the city council race of my loyal opponent, Neal Andrus, R. I didn't see Diven once, nor did I hear of him making phone calls, doing letters or anything for him.

Diven used to be my state rep. He had an office on 13th street and I live on 12th. He has friends down here -- and some of them worked on the Bruce Krane campaign.

Diven had every excuse to engage in our race -- in one way or another -- but didn't. I even saw State Rep, Harry Readshaw, D, and his wife, at various functions in the community in the months of our city council race. I don't think Mr. Readshaw took a stance with one candidate or another in the race, but he was out in the community and listened to what we were saying. And this week, Mr. Readshaw, D, was at the ceremony to swear in Jeff Koch, D, in city council chambers.

Michael might want to gear up for the City Controller's race in 2007. He could run in that contest as an Indie. But, he had better get behind some others who are running now to get his skin in the campaign trails.

Since I'm pushing some personal advice, let me say that there is nothing wrong with being a stay-at-home dad when you have youngsters at home. Here is the first rub, I don't think Diven is a dad, yet. But he is a husband now. And, I'm getting into personal stuff that is none of my business. But Mike could put that on the back burner. Should Mike ever become a stay-at-home dad, he'll have a greatest job in the world.

Until the little one arrives, Diven can always get lots of real-world experiences with care-giving among his extended family, you know, the clan that was in the campaign brochures in 2005.

Finally, should Diven switch to the "L" party -- I'd want to buck for the job as his chief-of-staff. That would be a fun conversation.

Fainally 2, I understand that Bob Hillen, R, put in to get onto the ballot for state house -- but he didn't get enough signatures. There was a snafu with a circulator's registration and the elections department.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Diven might be able to get a job with Tom Murphy now. Bill Green might be hiring too.