Monday, March 27, 2006

Major gambling interests focus on Pa. -

What if we said, "We don't want slots in Pittsburgh. But, we'll take table games instead." Then what?
Major gambling interests focus on Pa. - "Though table games won't be allowed, up to 61,000 slot machines will be enough to draw interest from the biggest names in gambling.

The other line in the news that I must get notice is, "(AP) - With an expansion of gambling stalled elsewhere in the country, major gambling interests have set their sights firmly on Pennsylvania, ..." So, gambling is not expanding anywhere but here. Gambling is on the downturn. The gambling marketplace has come to its peak and is in a fast decline.

The sun is about to set in terms of gambling -- and now Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania is going to dive in.

It is too late in the game for slots.

It might be too late in the game for table games too.

Just as we built the huge convention center -- and it won't ever reach its capacity nor be sustainable -- because the rest of the nation zipped on past Pittsburgh, the same holds true with gambling.

There is good reason to fear that our casino is going to suck. It might not work. It will need to be scaled down and back and won't pull the promised income the hyped politicians and developers have expected.

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