Monday, March 20, 2006

Capitol Ideas Blog

Treasure chest of ideas -- and a cross-link from a podcast. Capitol Ideas Blog: "State Democratic Party officials lashed out at Republican gubernatorial candidate Lynn Swann yesterday, saying the former Pittsburgh Steelers star showed 'his ignorance of policy' when he criticized Gov. Ed's plan to require lobbyists to register with the executive branch.
On Thursday, Swann said Rendell's proposal was toothless because it included no penalties for lobbyists who fail to disclose how much they spend to influence the executive branch.
That prompted a return salvo from Democratic spinmeister Abe Amoros who said the state constitution forbids Gov. Ed from penalizing people who do not work for him. The same doesn't hold true for the state Senate, which bars lobbyists for five years for failing to dislcose their activities."

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