Thursday, March 30, 2006

Keystone Review -- says follow the money.

Keystone Review Have you ever noticed how life is full of immutable truths - simple, fundamental realities that just never change no matter how much we want them to? Many such truths have been encapsulated in what are often called Murphy's Laws ('nothing is ever so bad that it can't get worse') and have become standard fare in our 21st century culture.

In Pennsylvania politics, there is one immutable truth which permeates all others, which explains why our state legislature is so corrupt, why so many of our elected officials have chosen to abandon any semblance of principle, why so many of our politicians say one thing but do another.

That immutable truth is: 'Follow the money trail.' For by following the money trail, we discover every last vice and deadly sin that mortal flesh has been warned against since the beginning of time - greed, lust, vanity.

In Pennsylvania, the higher one goes up the political food chain - particularly in the state Senate - following the money trail is not merely pastime; it is a way of life. And the tentacles of corruption eventually spread out to those people and groups we have so often considered above reproach.

Sadly, conservatives may be disturbed to learn that two prominent 'conservative' groups - one allegedly pro-life, one allegedly pro-taxpayer - have fallen prey to the financial tentacles emanating from the state capitol, and may be even further disturbed by the original source of that money.
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