Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Penguin day is June 18

I'm not talking about the NHL team, nor this guy, Stanley.

Click the comments to find out, techie friends.

Another guy with a tux, rental not required.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

his email is to inform you that we are gearing up for
our 7th Annual Grassroots Use of Technology conference
and give you information about what is happening with it.

With just under 3 months to go, this year's conference is
looking to top last year's great event, which attracted 225
people. Here is the basic information:

7th Annual Grassroots Use of Technology Conference
"Building Community On and Off-Line in the 21st Century"
Saturday, June 17, 2006 - 8:30am-5:00pm

University of Massachusetts, Boston MA

The conference takes place a bit later this year but it
is the same month when we held the event in 2002 and
2003. We have done this for a number of good reasons. First
off, to allow us to have a number of other events in the spring,
promoting the release of our ODB 1.0 software! (to read
more info. about this, go to our community site at:
http://oc-tech.org ). Secondly, to give us more time to
make this years conference the best one ever! Finally,
in hopes that it will fit better into people's schedules, and
more past attendees (and new ones!) will be able to participate.

Planning Group Forming

This year, to both economize on the resources needed to
carry out the conference and to encourage maximum bottom-up
participation in planning, we are opening up the process more
than in the past. The planning for the conference will begin with
an open conference call tomorrow, the 29th of March, at 3pm
eastern time. While the call is open, we still need to reserve
slots for more folks to dial in, so please email or call the
office by 2:30pm if you want to participate. Contact info below

Penguin Day on June 18?
We are hoping to co-host a "Penguin Day" the day after the conference,
on Sunday, June 18. This is program that has traveled the country,
exploring free and open source software. Penguin Day brings
together non-profit technology staff and open source software
(OSS) developers for a day of learning and conversation.

Additional Help is Needed
In order to meet the above goals, we will need some
additional help from the grassroots tech community.

Presenters- Are you an expert on Drupal? Do you know
the best techniques for reaching the Media? Are you part
of an organization doing work on the cutting edge, and
want to show everyone what you are up to? We are looking
for people to develop presentations and workshops that
will share your knowledge and benefit the progressive
community. Please don't send us a proposal yet; just
send an email to stu@oc-tech.org indicating your possible
interest and we will send you the RFP when it comes out,
probably by early next week.

Supporters/Sponsors - If you would like to be a
supporter or sponsor of this year Grassroots Use of
Technology, or have contacts that you think would,
please let Stu know at Stu@oc-tech.org

Volunteers - Do you want to be involved but have limited
time you can spare? Do you have specific skills that we
can use? Want be involved but don't live in Boston? Can
help out only on conference day? If this sounds like
you, then think about becoming a conference volunteer.
Volunteers are need in all skills areas, from helping
with mailings, doing Press work, and helping to set up
on conference day. Additionally, many of the tasks can
be done on line or on the phone, so location isn't a
problem. Interested? Contact Stu at Stu@oc-tech.org


Rich and Stu
for Organizers' Collaborative

Organizers' Collaborative 14 Beacon St. Suite 707
Boston, MA 02108 http://organizerscollaborative.org
(617) 720-6190 community site: http://oc-tech.org

Technology & training to advance and sustain social change