Thursday, November 30, 2006

The $50-million price tag for the casino license only included SLOTS. Table games comes for a 10-fold increase in the cost of doing business here.

The jerks in Harrisburg sold slots parlor licenses for $50-million each. The price was too low. There should have been an auction so that the price of entry would have been much greater.

The taxpayers got ripped off with the sale of the $50-million licenses.

Now, there is no way that we'll get a good deal by extending the license holder's rights to host table games, in addition to slots, without a serious auction and about $500-million.

Ed Rendell is quoted on the radio saying he will not support table games at casinos, just yet.

If we get table games, we better get another pay day, ten times as much as before, from the casino license holders.

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