Monday, November 20, 2006

Law to limit South Side Bar expansion faces red-tape until 2007

Councilman Jeff Koch introduced a bar bill concerning the South Side. The bill has been sent to City Planning where they'll do their magic and hold a public hearing. Then a public hearing will happen before City Council. The bill might be voted upon by city council in March, 2007.

The new law would apply to Local Neighborhood Business Districts. So, it won't impact upon places such as Downtown, South Side Works, Station Square nor the North Shore.

So, the bill isn't going anywhere fast.

Seven new bars are in the pipeline with the approval process now. Some of those could open and close again by the spring of 2007. Perhaps an additional 20 will come into being, even it is is only on paper, before the bar bill hits again.

All existing bars would be exempt from the law.

I value the conversation. But, I'm skeptical as to the outcome. My rants and insights will flow later.

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