Friday, November 17, 2006

Report Card arrive and other get to do things.

Pgh Public Schools provides report cards for the students today.

Light Up Night was last night for the South Side, while Pitt hosted WVU. You gotta finish in championship sports. Pitt was ahead at halftime. But scored no more points in the second half while WVU got 21.

Glad we didn't have any extra furnature to torch on the streets.

Tonight is Light Up Night for Downtown. Yawn. But in other downtown news, the families and kids of Phillips Elementary who are able get to go to the Opera in its outreach program. They'll see Romeo and Juliet. The rest of my clan goes while I'll be at swim practice.

Saturday morning our swim team goes to Hopewell for the second dual meet on the winter. Then, Ohio State hosts Michigan on Saturday afternoon. I agree with Mark Madden that the game with #1 and #2 and for the Big 10 title is a much bigger deal than the Steelers vs. Browns on Sunday.

But at 4 pm, I'll be at a violin concert with Pgh Music Academy performers at First Unitarian in Shadyside on Moorwood. Hope we can get the game on the radio.

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