Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Surprises, close finishes highlight races for state House seats

Spin the truth.
Surprises, close finishes highlight races for state House seats Petrone wins big in 27th
Rep. Tom Petrone, D-Crafton Heights, easily won a 14th term over GOP challenger William Ogden, 45, a Crafton councilman.

Mr. Petrone, 69, said his re-election showed that constituents in the district are satisfied with his representation and service.

'People who came to the polls they were not dissuaded by any negative comments made about me,' Mr. Petrone said..
The negative comments made about Petrone came from citizens in the district, and not the other candidate. The other candidate, Bill Ogden, spoke in a negative way about Petrone being in office for 13 terms and in favor of term limits. Petrone had been in Harrisburg for 26 years. That isn't a negative -- by falsehood.

Another biggie that was talked about by Ogden was the pay raise. Petrone voted for the pay raise. Petrone took the pay raise. Petrone said he gave the pay raise to chairty -- but only proved that he gave $100 of it away to a widow of a veteran. The rest remains unaccounted.

The only other point that was made as far as a negative about Petrone is the fact that Petrone is on the urban affairs committee in the PA House. Nuff said.

Citizens including Carl Sutter of the district have been spreading the negative messages.


Anonymous said...

Mentioning Carl Suter in a post will only garner laughs from people in the know.

Carl Suter is also the guy who was accused of stalking Tom Petrone at one time.

Suter is an over the top neighborhood advocate who needs to get a hobby that isn't harassing people.

Mark Rauterkus said...

I'm in the know. People can laugh. People can cry. Whatever.

Tom Petrone ran from Carl at every corner and anywhere. Petrone is good at running and dodges. Perhpas Carl should get some props for keeping Petrone in tip-top shape.

Petrone needs to have his cage rattled. I don't agree that a citizen shouldn't be able to approach his elected official.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Perhaps Carl's last name is with one "T", not two. ??