Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Rendell -- we deserve it! Westinghouse to build NUKES for China while Gateway NUKES teachers.

Gov. Rendell says Westinghouse should come to Western Pennsylvania with additional jobs because "We deserve it."


Mary Griffin, on KDKA-radio, just called me a 'naysayer.' Well, he is part right.

Understand that China is going about to build 400 Nukes -- for electrical power (i.e., Three Mile Island) in the next ten years. That is a given. They approved the goal. It is going to happen.

On the table now for Westinghouse is how to supply a share of those plants. They've got the nod to build four, as tests. If these go well, they'll build 100 more, if not 300 more.

A number of suppliers are going to build Nukes in China, and Westinghouse is in the mix. It makes good sense for China to diversify and keep the plants from various builders with various technology applications so as to be competitive.

The business decision made by Westinghouse executives won't put any weight on those attitudes that the Governor talked of -- "We deserve it." And, those attitudes from the top politician in PA say plenty as to where and where not to locate a big business venture.

A tax abatement from the Gateway School District is not going to be the factor to make a "go" or "no-go" decision for Westinghouse in this deal. If those jobs come, they'll come here because of the overall landscape of the business climate for Westinghouse and its hope of doing well in the building of those nukes for its new, best customer, China.

Some hyper charged Keystone Opportunity Zone -- or Enterprise Kiss Butt Tax Give-Back -- is NOT going to factor into this global policy. It amounts to a pimple in the scope of the marketplace forces and the deals that they'll be hatching. A pimple.

But, to Gateway Schools -- it might mean 30 teachers. It will be serious. And, the take-a-way comes from the kids that are with us today. And, the take-a-way comes with a serious cost to our freedom.

If you want to talk about what matters and what doesn't -- let's talk about building NUKES here in the USA. Westinghouse has to go to China to revitalize its NUKE Building Operations because there are no customers here in the USA.

Let's talk about about energy! I like to turn on the lights and have them work. I love to have heat in our home. I'd love to drive an electric bike around town.

China is increasing its competitive outlook for its people and its companies. It is building -- and we're trying to make give-a-ways to benefit some mega corporate deal at the local level. Yet what we build for them is not welcomed here!

Senator Logan talked about building Nukes for Japan. Duhh....

The Governor said that the ones who speak up against these 'corporate welfare' deals might be right when it comes to a philosophical confab. But, then Rendell said, "this is the real world." He needs to get these jobs from Westinghouse to land here in Western Pa and not North Carolina or Tennessee. The other regions are giving incentives too. In the real world you have to give up something. You have to make an investment.

Well, the real world value of these tax breaks amounts to nothing except a loss of liberty.

The wheeling and dealing that the Governor and those like Jane Orie and Sean Logan are huffing and puffing about with Westinghouse is a power and influence charade. They want to be the one's who are bringing in new jobs. They want to make noise -- then take the credit. They want to say they were instrumental in landing those jobs.

Don't be fooled.

If Marty's Army sends thousands of letters to Westinghouse executives saying -- "stay here", fine. A letter writing campaign will create a lot of noise. The signal should not be, "because we deserve it." Nor should it be, "because Ed Rendell is a nice guy."

Rendell said in the interview on the radio that he is NOT permitted to talk about the specifics of the deal, as ordered by Westinghouse, until a decision is made. So, we've got behind closed doors deals being hatched. And the Governor is proud of this.

Westinghouse has the upper hand and is able to silence the Governor. And, the Governor is happy about his loss of freedom to talk to the public.

I don't want a governor that is able to be silence by corporate interests.

It is China where there are mega problems of humanity because people there are not free to speak without the state's blessing.

It is in China where web surfing at Google gives one set of results that have been filtered to meet the wills of the authorities -- not here.

Now China is going to crack into our landscape by being a big customer for a big corporation -- and in turn our state's top politician is going to act like the Communist Party acts in China.

In the next posting, we should examine what they do in China at its Casinos in regard to free drinks. West Virginia doesn't offer free drinks to those that play the slots. But, in Macao, China, at the Playboy Casino, you get more than drinks if you book a party for more than a dozen customers. Sigh.

My game plan is different. My priorities are not like that of the big-government Dems and Reps. And, this isn't a D vs. R thing. Here, the Ds and Rs are both to blame and are equally guilty. Governor Ridge created the Keystone Opportunity Zones.

The Governor should put together a task force. The task force could be chaired by the Governor himself. He can be the point person on this. It is a big deal, understood. But, don't make any give-a-ways. Westinghouse needs to get what it needs -- and it must pay for what it needs and gets.

I'd insist that Westinghouse pull its own weight, from day one. I'd insist that we be open, transparent, eager partners, flexible, and creative. Be straight with all parties. But, I'd not sell out for hype, nor for the sake of our freedoms. I want state, regional, county, schools and municipal cooperation along with that of the wonks and the lockstep boosters such as the chamber of commerce.

Cooperation does not mean taking from one and giving to another.

We are going to thrive in Pennsylvania, if we are free. That's the hinge.

We've taken the low road. We've lost our freedoms. We've got a frail democracy. We've put so many bobbles on the getting of new jobs that we take from elsewhere and speed up the decline.

The turn around that we seek isn't going to come with 3,000 new jobs that are wrapped with corporate welfare dealings.

Self reliance matters. That's how we need to thrive. We can't take the 'we deserve it' pledge to the global marketplace and expect to get anything other than squat.

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