Sunday, November 12, 2006

Long list of Pittsburgh mayoral hopefuls already lining up

Long list of Pittsburgh mayoral hopefuls already lining up the mayor's race is on.
Meanwhile, ... Rauterkus speaks at Pod Camp.

There are a number of people on the P-G's list, a lame-list indeed, that need to be discounted. And, the list itself is but a joke and a way to eliminate viable contenders and set the agenda to sustain the status quo.

The race itself will only topple the region's gravity of 'status quo politics' once the newspapers do something other than run status quo newsmaker's bios.

Eight white men had their photos in the paper. All are men. Not a single woman. All white so as to eliminate all others. minority. All are Democrats -- without the hope of any others from another party.

All have held office except one and the lone exception had his father die while serving as mayor. So the only way to get into the club that the P-G plays gatekeeper for is to have held elected office or have it blessed upon you by your father.

Even Michael Lamb's dad was a State Senator.

This year's budget isn't going to have much 'raw meat' in terms of a window into Ravenstahl's administration and tenure. The budget for 2007 is really Bob O'Connor's work, coupled with that of the overlords.

If I had been mayor, I would have released the budget to city council before I gave it to the overlords. Then we'd have something to 'chew upon.'

The presentation of the budget to council can't be considered raw as it already had some time to simmer with the ICA Board (overlords). The budget isn't raw. To use the food lingo -- the budget goes to council as seconds.

If anyone on council wanted to pitch a fit about the 2007 budget, the opportunity was a month or two ago when the content was 'raw' as it headed to the overlords. That is when the interception and big stink about unhealthy rawness should have happened. And, it would have taken an "insider" to make that case. We only heard about the lack of 20 or so Crossing Guards.

Furthermore, the noise about the Crossing Guards came from Doug Shields who is bucking to run for city controller, not mayor. Bill Peduto was too busy running around to events and schmoozing to raise many objections about the budget.

Seems to me that fixing the city should take a priority.

A modest objection came about the budget process and the steps of mayor to overlords and finally to the public and city council. But those meek reminders run counter to what those on city council already did. Peduto wants the overlords. Peduto voted for the overlords to come to Pittsburgh. Peduto offers bigger government kinda support and he needs to support the status quo on these fronts and not talk of much change. It is what it is -- except when he's in charge.

Peduto should and could have issued a citizens budget or a Peduto budget from a zero- or needs-based perspective. This year's budget is going to be set upon history's legacy. Peduto talked about starting every year's budget with ZERO and working from priorities and a vision -- not a legacy.

Where is that talk been this year?

Photos of Readshaw, Frankel, and Fitzgerald make for good excuses for those guys to raise some PAC money -- and send out a letter to their "supporters." That money can then be leveraged in other races for their existing jobs or to buy influence in other races with other candidates as they see fit. But, they won't be able to raise the cash to run a traditional race for mayor from a traditional power-base.

None of those guys are going to be blogging anytime soon. Those guys can't break the mold -- because -- they are built from the mold.

There is news in the article. Scratch Jim Ferlo and scratch Jack Wagner. I wish I saw direct quotes however. Perhaps the P-G can release the recording of those two conversations or perhaps each can make a press release saying that they are NOT in the hunt for the mayor's race.

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Anonymous said...

What ilks me is why must Lamb feel the need to run for anything? Does he or anyone really believes that he really brings anything to the table? He's ridden the gravy train long enough; when the elected Prothonotary post is abolished, move on. Nobody really cares (never has, really) who sat in the Prothonotary's office and he's only there but for the death of Michael Coyne. Unfortunately for us, Lamb's head and ego became very huge after assuming the post and he really feels a sense of real importance -- can you believe he's actually taking credit for the change in the new form of county government that the electorate passed a few years back? The truth of the matter is the three commissioner system was replaced with an executive and council because the last occupants of the commissioner suites in the courthouse were incompetent idiots. Not because of anything Lamb did or didn't do. Just as surprising to me is that Dawida believes that he has a shot at winning the mayoral election next year. What a joke.