Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Home invader shot in head in Knoxville

Home invader shot in head in Knoxville A Knoxville man faces drug trafficking charges and weapons violations in connection with the shooting of one of two armed gunman during a drug-related home invasion robbery last night.
How do you read between the lines in this story?

A dad gets arrested for shooting a home invader. The the arrest isn't because of the shooting, rather the weed and the gun.

Perhaps the guy should get a medal for a brave act of self-devense rather than be put in jail and be seperated from his 2-month old baby. But, then again, mom is a 17-year old, with a 2-month old baby.

Perhaps the intruder who was on the floor of the home with a head wound pulled the pot into the house?

Perhaps the guy really isn't in jail -- but that is what the media and police want to tell everyone, including the other intruder who didn't get shot and into critical condition. He might be thinking 'revenge' for his buddy -- but that can't happen if the guy is behind bars.

Sounds like the story has a soap opera of possibilities. Whats the real story? Who has the scoop?

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