Monday, November 27, 2006

He is Pgh and so is she.

IamPgh This is a post to an open call to Pittsburghers that want to be a part of IamPgh.

Here is what you need to do:

* Send an email to donorkoskey AT gmail DOT com

* Include the following:

* Name
* return email address
* Neighborhood
* Job/ Degree
* Age Group
* A short paragraph about yourself

I will write you back and ask a series of questions. Answer the questions as honestly.
All is well except the part about honesty. Honesty hurts. It is what we need. But honesty isn't what people really want.

Perhaps the bios can become a good source for points from the who category at the

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Don Orkoskey said...

Hey there!
Thanks for the link to my blog.
As for the honesty thing, if people want to lie and say they are something crazy I might question it but I'm not a hard-nosed investigative journalist - it's about tell the person's story, and if they are a liar, I guess that is part of the story.

Thanks again!
Don from