Wednesday, November 29, 2006


These kids don't eat cupcakes!

Bloggers elsewhere are fussing over a cutting edge economic theory that makes cupcakes the center of the world. My next serving of crumbs to that discussion includes these photos from are travels to China.

In China, people don't generally have ovens. So, all of their baked goods come from stores and bakery merchants. Hence, there are a number of them in the citys. People don't generally eat many baked goods as a habit, but, they can't pop a pan of brownies into their ovens as we do in America -- because the typical home only has a stove and is without an oven.

Cakes and cupcakes in Chengdu.

Bakery in Hong Kong

Mr. Squid wears a baker's hat! Squid cupcakes, anyone? I don't know the translation. The photo shows the roof of a fast food stand in Ocean Park.

We visited with one family who did have an oven. They had to have it moved from one city to another when the dad took a different teaching job at a different International School. He is an American. She is Chinees. Check out the video just uploaded to from their living room that shows the three sisters singing a traditional Chinees song for us and playing their violins. They are very talented. They live in Chengdu.

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