Saturday, November 11, 2006 - Pittsburgh Marathon Could Make A Comeback - Pittsburgh Marathon Could Make A Comeback (KDKA) PITTSBURGH After a three year absence, it looks like the Pittsburgh Marathon will be back again.
Pittsburgh should host a 10-mile spring road race, not a marathon.

Should the marathon return, it should be in the fall. Furthermore, the marathon should NOT be run in the loop fashion like it was done in the past. Rather, more prudent routes, perhaps of an out-and-back nature, on the busway for part, should be part of the events staging.

The marathon was killed because the overtime from the police killed it. The costs were too great. The sponsors too poor. The local support was nice, but not anything to take to the bank.

A more purdent course structure would be welcomed in terms of cutting the race overhead by 80 percent.

A 10-mile race in the spring would generate a 500% increase in local support as well. Perhaps the Kenyons won't arrive, but frankly, I don't give a Volla Budd if they do.

Should a marathon take root, it should be coupled with an Iron Man as well. I'd love to see a three day staged race with a Friday swim in the rivers. A Saturday 110 mile bike race. Then a Sunday marathon.


Rob said...

An Iron Man would need to be staged all in one day -- runers swim, get out of the water, bike, and then run.

I still contend the busway sucks for a race, unless it's just the length of the busway -- straight and possibly downhill. Out and back is terrible, too. Look at any marathon advertisements -- they're always talking about the scenery.

Cleveland can do a marathon, and do it well -- although the medical coverage was a bit skimpy -- definitely not a beginner's race.

Maybe a marathon is beyond Pittsburgh. Accept that Pittsburgh's just not in the same league as Cleveland.

Mark Rauterkus said...

A three day Iron Man is not a real Iron Man, of course. But, a three day staged race would be better in that it would be more for everyday citizens. And, it would allow for more tourist days too.

The out and back sucks. But, it suck way more to have neither out nor back -- as in NOTHING.

A marathon is not beyond Pittsburgh. But, an expensive marathon is. A prudent marathon is going to be fine.

We can't spend the whole of the the pot-hole patching budget -- or do a marathon, for instance.

Do a low budget event -- a prudent event.