Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election Day +1

Quote from the P-G coverage:
Mr. Swann dodged interviews and spoke in vagaries, ...

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania won't elect a person to stand with the people when the candidate hides from the people and attempts at honest, direct, communications on issues.

An elite glow came from the Team 88 efforts in the early stages. At the end of the campaign, candidate Lynn Swann was doing line dances with seniors in Homestead. And that interaction is a new verse of the same message -- don't engage in issue discussions.

Lynn Swann and Bob Casey both used the same playbook in terms of being a good guy in a suit that says little. Meanwhile, Rendell and Santorum are both bold. Swann's sticking point was being unknown beyond the celebrity status and football legacy.

Good guys with little to say, or I could say, GREAT GUYS who are new to the scene and choose to play defense in terms of political discussions won't win.

Casey is unlike Swann because Casey has run for public office in the past. Casey ran and won and ran and lost. But Casey has run.

Swann should be gearing up for County Council, perhaps as the at-large candidate. Or, for County Executive. Or, for State Rep in 2008. I think it is too late to have Swann move into the city and run for mayor in 2007.

Swann needs to stand on his issues and ideals all by himself. I'd love to see Swann dance in political circles in isolation. Win or loose, it won't matter. But, Swann needs to gain confidence and trust with the people in the realm of being a political governor.

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Thomas Leturgey said...

I woke up this morning and the first thing I heard was "Ed Rendell wants to raise your taxes."

Nice going, idiots!