Thursday, November 30, 2006

Difference between slots and table games: Demographics

The difference is that PA has a bunch of seniors that go to Atlantic City and West Virginia to gamble. We send our tour buses out of state and the state of PA does not get that revenue.

The difference is that PA doesn't have an viable outflow of money being spent on table games that could be retained in-state so as to make a tax-windfall to the PA treasury.

PA was getting taken to the cleaners by other states because a chunk of income went elsewhere to play the slots.

PA is not able to justify the expansion of its pending casinos to include table games because a chunk of income from PA is not going elsewhere.

PA has a lot of seniors. Seniors like to play the slots. PA was sold the slots deal so as to capitalize upon the lost incomes.

PA seniors may stay home to spend some of their money in the PA slots parlors. That's it. Done.

PA's seniors won't go out of state to play table games.

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