Monday, November 13, 2006

We won't see how they recovered from the shooting. Go Dukes

The Duquesne University men's basketball squad tips off its season tonight. Fall 2006 was a brutal time for the team and the university given the fact that five of the boys got shot while on campus a couple of months ago.

Tonight's game is not, I expect, a time nor place to judge how they are all doing. A KDKA Radio newscaster said, "We'll see how they have recovered from the shooting tonight."

I'm a bit skeptical to expect that display to be part of the proceedings.

The game and the opening of the competitive season presents a giant milestone, no doubt. Hope they have fun. Hope they win their share. Hope the program 'rebounds' and becomes a source of inspiration for us all.

Go Dukes.

And, how is the women's squad?

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