Monday, November 13, 2006

PodCamp Pittsburgh -- humm.....

We purchased MP3 players for Erik and Grant when in China, two years ago.

Pod Camp wasn't really just about iPods and MP3 players. The pod experience is a much bigger world.

I have an iPod, now. But a couple of years ago, when we were in China. We purchased MP3 players for Erik and Grant. We got them there, then, because China is way ahead of where we are in the US in terms of use of these tech tools.

I was 'blown away' by Chengdu's computer row. It was an amazing place where there were shops after shops of high tech gadgets. We must have walked past a thousand places where one can but a MP3 player. Apple's iPods were there too, but not nearly as popular.

Erik and Grant came along with me to Pittsburgh's Pod Camp yesterday. We all had a good time. PodCamp was great. You can go and have a lot to experience even if you don't own a MP3 player or an iPod.

In the photo above, the MP3s are being sold for 339 RMB. That's about $40. We could bargain for lower prices and we got two MP3s, including rechargable batteries. And, the young women who are working the sales counter didn't speak English. But, that was okay. We worked everything out just fine. And, one of the players didn't work properly, so we took it back for an exchage the next day. A challenge, but do-able with our blond hair and good attitudes.

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